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The origins of the VM ( Voynich Manuscript ) lies in 6000 miles east from its current location. The place is in North Eastern Sindh region which is a part of Pakistan right now. The explanation in the VM is copied from an even older original book written in “Brahmi” language about ( 300-400 B.C ). The knowledge and editions of the books.

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  • Uncategorized. voynich manuscript turkish. voynich manuscript turkish. Purchased by Voynich in 1912, the manuscript has been Carbon-dated to between 1404 -1438 AD and it is thought to have been composed in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Measuring 23.5 by 16.2 by 5 cm (9.3 by 6.4 by 2.0 in) the text is written from left to right. With around 240 pages collected into 18 quires, and because many pages. But the Turkish angle has already been investigated by others. Nothing really new here but good on this man for contributing. ... The Voynich manuscript contains hundreds of fragile pages, some missing, with hand-written text going from left to right. Most pages are adorned with illustrations of diagrams, including plants, nude figures, and. Feb 27, 2016 - Discover Chetham's Library in Manchester , England: Dating back almost 400 years, the oldest public collection library in the United Kingdom was once the study hall of Karl Marx. ... Atlas Obscura . 83k followers . The Grand Grimoire ... Obscura and actors. Voynich Manuscript. The Voynich Manuscript has baffled scholars for centuries. Some believe the elaborate 15 th century codex to be a hoax whilst others believe it is a real medieval manuscript whose contents are as. Written in an unreadable script, it includes illustrations of plants, women and astrological symbols. Known as the Voynich manuscript, it's named after Wilfrid Voynich, the. Voynich Script for English. This is an alphabet based on the script in the Voynich Manuscript invented by Erik Olsen, who has attempted to create parallels between the frequences of letters in the manuscript and the English language so it would have a similar look. He also attempted to have some sort of logic among similar sounds, though. The Voynich Manuscript remains as mysterious as it was the day it reached the hands of an Emperor who reportedly paid the hefty sum of 600 gold ducats (an equivalent of $900,000 today) to have it in his possession. Read another story from us: Codex Leicester: Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for Leonardo da Vinci’s book of ideas and theories. Detail from the Voynich Manuscript (Wikimedia Commons) In 1912, Polish book collector Wilfrid Voynich bought thirty volumes from the Jesuit Collegio Mondragone in Italy. They were Church property and so the College didn’t really have the right to sell them, but it was hard up for funds, and besides, nobody had looked at the books for at least a century. Voynich el yazması, bilinmeyen bir yazı sistemiyle elle yazılmış resimli bir kitap. Üzerine yazıldığı parşömen, 15. yüzyılın başlarına (1404-1438) kadar karbon tarihlidir ve İtalya'da İtalyan Rönesansı sırasında oluşturulduğu tahmin edilmektedir.

    Voynich manuscript turkish

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    The Voynich manuscript is a codex written on 15th century vellum paper, which clearly includes botanical illustrations, but also a number of baffling illustrations that seem to be cosmological as well as maps. The pictures are accompanied by writing in a mysterious script that has been subject to multiple analyses and decipherment attempts.